Dear Philly
Are you ever going to write on your blog again? I need some new jilling material. Although that blurb you wrote about pussy slapping still gets the job done…… every time. 
XooOXOXXOoxoXoOxo, M————-

I’ve got fifteen minutes before the village public library closes for the day. But I wanted to continue my tradition of yearly posts on the anniversary of Hot Action. It’s been eleven years today. I want to throw it all out and start over. What is still true after eleven years? Do I still stand behind anything I might’ve written so long ago? When I meet hot women I no longer refer them to the site. And yet, it feels strange not to.

I live alone way out in the winter forest without Internet. Also WordPress has been a disaster for blogging, I actually haven’t been able to log into for months, good thing I’ve had this Tumblr domain sitting in my back pocket for the past five years.

Tonight is the Wolf Moon. My favourite night of the year. I’m going to look through the frozen sky with a telescope until I begin to sprout fur and fangs and grow to eight feet tall and revert to something less than human.